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Hereís the Deal! I canít think of any good reason for me to build a big heavy ďCĒ throat machine and ship it to you when you are probably a better metal fabricator then me. I really believe Iíve come up with a very good way for you to build a very heavy duty machine that will accept anyone of the different metalworking heads that we offer. If you start with our Master Front Faceplate we will provide you with very simple instructions and a photo text to guide you while you build your machine. You will need about 10 foot of tubing and one day of fabricating to complete your machine using our Faceplate.

You can make the throat any depth you like. The Metal Machine is simple and well thought out to give you a lot of metalworking ability in a small area. Changeover time between the different heads is about 4 minutes and only requires one Ĺ inch wrench. I hope this catalog answers any questions you might have in helping you decide if the Metal Machine is right for you. After 29 years, the shop part of Lowbuck Tools is still a one man show with old timey 1950ís machines, so I donít have a lot of time for phone calls. I will help with any questions you might have, but please donít call the order line with tech questions.

Thank you very much, Dave Williams

Tech Line 951-735-7848

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Master Faceplate
English Wheel
Planishing Hammer
Sheetmetal Sheer
Louver Press
Deep Throat Sheetmetal Punch
Deep Throat Shrinker
Box and Pan Brake
Bead Roller
90 Degree Forming Dies
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Building the "C" Throat Intructions

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